Experience the power of social re-engineering.

IMPACTNOW works with the following interconnected programs and initiatives that endeavour to create a meaningful societal impact.

Committed to addressing and preparing communities, enterprises, and states to address the challenges posed by the pandemic and advising on the possible ways of dealing with the short term as well as the long term implications from a Strategy perspective.

We are always keen to interact with institutions as well as policy framing bodies in creating a broad framework within which efforts can be channelized and institutionalised with commitment from various stakeholders within the respective confines of impact areas.

Do reach out to us and we would be glad to connect and explore possibilities with all those interested in assisting in the creation of a synergised long term framework and with a specific focus within the Indian subcontinent.


IMPACTNOW brings together the Organisations who are the drivers of Social Transformation Initiatives and Service Providers who can cater to different needs of these initiatives. We Cause, Implement, and Monitor the deployment of these initiatives..

We work with Business Organisations & MSME's in transitioning and adapting to the emerging market dynamics. Apart from the Business Strategy aspect - we also assist them on the Social Dynamics - specifically on their CSR and Gender related initiatives.

We also work with State Departments in their various citizen centric initiatives with special emphasis on Citizen Wellness, Welfare Schemes, Healthcare, Soft Skill, MicroFinance, Woman & Child Development, amongst others.


Re-Engineering Development
(State Initiatives)

It is now an accepted fact that the impact of the current crises will leave an indelible mark on how the country as a whole - and states by themselves - look at the old governance model.

With Revenues shrinking, Unemployment rising, Migrant workers returning, and the general sense of apprehension about what the future holds - is going to put a heavy stress on the State Resources.

The older model of State Dependant and State Driven Development needs to be amended with a greater say being given to private organisations, specialist consultants, and experts by allowing them a bigger role in policy making initiatives.

Now is the time to relook and reengineer the State Development Model across sectors and departments

Re-Grouping & Re-Deploying
(Corporate Organisations)

The Markets are going through unheard of upheavals, Consumer behaviour is changing with their basic needs getting redefined, going Digital is fast becoming the norm.

These and a host of other factors are forcing Organisations to re-assess their core competencies, business objectives, product & service lines, and resource planning. Many organisations - once robust - are now struggling for survival.

These could be due to fluctuating markets, changing business models, evolving consumer acceptance criteria, or even at times outdated operating model itself.

It is time to pause. Regroup the business interests. And strategies on redeploying the available resources for survival. And subsequent Growth.

For some - it may even be time to re-visit their Vision and Mission itself. And rebuild to stay relevant.

Coping with the new NEW
(Transitioning MSME's)

The NEW normal is showing signs of emerging.

While on the one hand it is causing a lot of strain on business growth, meagre resources and cash flows of the MSME's which is causing them to loose market share and customers, it is also opening up a world of opportunities. New market verticals are opening up which can be tapped in to find newer opportunity areas.

The past few months have also made us realise areas where we can optimise cost and resources. With a leaner organisation structure with a clear focus on the emerging future, an honest self evaluation of strengths and weaknesses - it is possible for MSME's to be more resilient, agile and hungry.

Going digital is almost non-negotiable. Its time to re-vitalise.

The Exodus
(Migrants & the Emerging Economic Ecosystem)

The world's most stringent lockdown revealed the plight of the vulnerable Indian migrant labour force. With no work and no way to feed themselves, removed from family support, millions had no choice but to defy the lockdown and return to their villages.

The almost 100Mn+ migrant workers have traditionally received little organised government support, treating migrants as second-class citizens and permanent transience leading to isolation.

Now is the moment to harness efforts, unite them in a wider movement for social change that will better the terms and conditions for migrant workers.

With the recent wide scale acceptance of the digital transformation - it is time to step up the efforts in distance education, reskilling to better employability, create a countrywide network of Self Help Groups, etc., to provide financial security and promote entrepreneurial spirit.

(Bottom of the Pyramid)

Access to healthcare services is critical to good health, yet a closer look at the rural urban divide reveals a variety of access barriers for the less privileged.

In order for rural residents to have sufficient access, necessary and appropriate healthcare services must be available and obtainable in a timely manner. Even when an adequate supply of healthcare services exists in the community, there are other factors to consider in terms of healthcare access that includes Quality of Healthcare services, Access to the facilities, Means to utilise these services.

There is a greater need now than ever before of extending the basic healthcare services to the last mile by encouraging Public Private partnership, augmenting digital services like virtual consultations and a more robust health insurance. All with a greater transparency and accountability.

Women Entrepreneurs
(Meeting the New Challenges)

Women Entrepreneurs in India represent a dynamic group of 15 million+ women who have dared to veer off the beaten path despite the obvious challenges they faced as women, and are exploring new vistas of economic freedom.

They are driven by the desire to do something significant with their lives and also offer a source of livelihood incremental income to their families.

But this is a perilous path for Women Entrepreneurs, who continuously face a variety of challenges which include lack of family support, gender based barriers, limited access to social and business networks, less access to knowledgeable mentors, business initiatives not taken seriously, etc.

It is apparent that there is a need to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit & professional development of women. To strengthening their vocational as well as management skills.

POSH in the Digital World
(Reality behind the Screens)

The coronavirus-triggered lockdown has posed a lot of challenges for many women professionals who have been working from home for such a long period of time and struggling to manage the work-life balance.

Most women are unsure of how to raise complaints of sexual harassment while working from home.

Getting unwarranted video call requests at odd hours, being talked down during virtual meetings were among the complaints of sexual harassment from women working from home in this virtual world.

The Prohibition of Sexual Harassment Act 2013 (or POSH) may need to be amended soon to address these concerns. Till then - organisations need to be proactive in ensuring their safety.

The CSR framework
(Emerging Paradigm shift)

We do know that the world has changed. Like other global events with planet-wide impact, Covid-19 could potentially change how we see the world, the ways in which we think, and how we conduct our lives. Therefore probably the pandemic could potentially have a profound impact on corporate social responsivity (CSR).

A majority of companies have not only have resisted unethical business practice during this crisis, but also have proactively engaged in various CSR activities, particularly those that can offer immediate help and assistance to the fight against the virus. Undoubtedly, the current pandemic offers a wide range of significant opportunities to those with a more mindful and acumen approach to CSR.

Self Help Groups
(Cluster Taskforce for the emerging future)

With the economy is in a state of disarray, governments facing a strain on their resources, organisations struggling to survive, employability itself being a major concern, the vulnerable sections facing survival issues - it is time for a resurgence of the Self Help Groups.

SHG's are mainly formed to eradicate exploitation, generate confidence for the economic independence of rural people, particularly among the vulnerable sections and women who are mostly imperceptible in society.

These groups facilitate them to join together for common objective and gain strength from each other to deal with exploitation, which they are facing in several forms.

SHG's also assist in developing relationship for mutual trust amongst members and can create economic self sustenance.


IMPACTNOW is a platform to network and liaise with member constituents, institutions, Central and State Government Officials, etc. that will help you expand your activities as also enable a conductive learning environment for sharing problems and finding prospective solutions.

IMPACTNOW spends a great deal of effort in promoting the benefits, strengths and values of the development sector. We may also - directly or indirectly - generate promotional materials or direct customers/corporate /donor agencies to its members for the programs that they manage.

Seize an opportunity to participate in IMPACTNOW driven Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Symposia, Roundtable Discussions, Training Programmes and Focus Events & Group Sessions.

IMPACTNOW also provides you access to professional CSR Advisory Services.