Soft skills, well-being, professional development, and more.

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, the journey to success isn't solely defined by professional achievements; it's equally shaped by the mental well-being of the workforce.

Welcome to Wellness@Work, a transformative workshop series designed to empower organizations with the tools and insights needed to foster a workplace where both employees and the organization thrive.

Join us as we explore the symbiotic relationship between employee well-being and organizational prosperity. Unveil the secret to unlocking a workforce that not only achieves greatness but also embraces well-being as its foundation. Let's cultivate a culture where well-being isn't just a buzzword, but a thriving reality.

Each workshop in this series focuses on addressing one of the workforce challenges through the lens of holistic mental health. Some of these workshops are listed below. For further details - pls use the form at the bottom of the page.

Challenge Addressed: Talent Acquisition and Retention

Workshop Focus: Highlight how a holistic approach to employee well-being attracts and retains top talent. Teach strategies to create a workplace that prioritizes mental health through wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, and a supportive environment.

Challenge Addressed: Skills Gap

Workshop Focus: Emphasize the role of holistic mental health in enabling skill development. Explore ways to encourage continuous learning and professional development that not only upskills employees but also promotes mental well-being.

Challenge Addressed: Employee Engagement and Motivation

Workshop Focus: Dive into how mental well-being impacts motivation. Introduce techniques that enhance employee engagement by addressing their emotional and mental needs, ultimately boosting their overall job satisfaction.

Challenge Addressed: Diversity and Inclusion

Workshop Focus: Showcase the connection between mental health and inclusivity. Guide participants through activities and discussions that promote empathy, understanding, and mental well-being in a diverse workforce.

Challenge Addressed: Workforce Planning

Workshop Focus: Explore how holistic mental health insights can guide effective workforce planning. Teach HR professionals and managers to use mental wellness data to anticipate employee needs and align the workforce with organizational goals.

Challenge Addressed: Work-Life Balance

Workshop Focus: Provide tools for achieving a healthy work-life balance. Teach time management, boundary setting, and mindfulness practices that promote mental well-being while meeting professional demands.

Challenge Addressed: Remote Work and Virtual Collaboration

Workshop Focus: Guide remote teams in maintaining mental well-being. Cover virtual team-building exercises, digital detox techniques, and mental health resources to enhance remote work experiences.

Challenge Addressed: Leadership Development

Workshop Focus: Train emerging and current leaders on holistic leadership. Teach emotional intelligence, active listening, and self-care practices that create a positive leadership style focused on both organizational success and mental well-being.

Challenge Addressed: Aging Workforce and Succession Planning

Workshop Focus: Address the mental health aspects of transitioning into retirement. Help older employees prepare emotionally for this phase while facilitating knowledge sharing and mentorship for smooth succession planning.

Beyond Barriers & Fences

Employee Development Workshop: The workshop break barriers that may exist within an employee, so that these do not end up becoming the "fence" in his/her relationships with co-workers, both vertically and laterally. Any human relationship is accounted for by the emotional strength it has within and outside. It is this strength that the workshop aims to release enabling them to be energized and refreshed because they have broken the barriers around.

Discovering the Self

Employee Development Workshop: The purpose of this workshop is to understand the self and finding comfort with it through the medium of acting. Acting as an art makes it inevitable for the self to discover the other - egos, perceptions, view points, personalities, motivations, idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, etc. Thus enhancing the participants' understanding of the human psyche and in the process making them more empathetic and sensitive towards others around them.

Transformation of the Self

Employee Development Workshop: Each one of us has infinite creative potential. We were born with it, and it continuously feeds the child in us. In playing our many parts as a human being - with our life, our world, as our stage- we manage to create obstacles for ourselves rather than using creativity to overcome obstacles. Growing up seems to lead to standardisation and codified behaviour, to which the current education system contributes liberally.

The Dream Team

Team Management Workshop: Many-a-times organizations become victims of the 'Me' syndrome. It is essential for any organization to help its employees to move from 'Me' to 'We'. A 'dream team' is the perfect combination of equal opportunities, patience, common focus and goals, empathy, sensitivity, communication, effective conflict resolution, freedom of expression, mutual respect and trust leading to collective efforts of the team towards the attainment of organizational goals.

The Joy of Working

De-Stressing Workshop: A stress-free work environment can do wonders for the productivity and development of the employees and in turn the organization. An employee who is free from stress and anxiety is able to give 100 percent attention to his work. Stress is a serious hindrance to an organization's growth as it creates an unhappy work environment that translates into lesser efficiency.

Unlocking the Actor Within

Talent Management Workshop: Theatre is seen as an extremely effective medium to inspire creative and innovative thinking in individuals. Theatre enables them to break free from the conventionality and monotony in work patterns. Further, role-play in theatre ensures greater sense of empathy and sensitivity towards other point of views, thereby helping in getting across the barriers of conflicting egos, personalities, attitudes and mindsets.

CSR - From Strategy to Sustainability

C S R Workshop: The workshop takes you thru a step by step approach for creating a meaningful CSR strategy and explains the various requirements that are imperative to a Sustainable intervention. CSR Assessments, Strategies, Implementations, Impact monitoring, Financial & Social reporting are some of the areas covered.

Gender Sensitisation at Workplace

POSH Awareness Workshop: If organisations are keen to utilize the talent of their workforce to the fullest extent, they need to be sensitive to gender related issues. Gender sensitivity means respect for an individual irrespective of her or his gender. It is not about pitting women against men. On the contrary, it involves greater awareness of the needs, aspirations, abilities and professional value of employees as men and women.

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Orientation Workshop: Technology has changed. User requirements have changed. Medium of communication has changed. Methods of selling have changed. But what hasn not changed, is the fact that there is a human element behind all this which is adapting to new ways of getting across true value to customers. This program helps sharpen the selling skills of even experienced sales representatives, enabling them to take advantage of sales opportunities and aggressively expand the business.

Business Communication

Sales Orientation Workshop: This Effective Communication Skills Workshop is an interactive course designed to give you the tools to communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients, making your communication more impactful, persuasive and confident.

Personality Enhancement

Employee Development Workshop: Persona is an amalgamation of Mental abilities, Emotional being, Physical Appearance, Soft skills and Knowledge. The workshop will help you get a head start in life by training you to take full advantage of your personality plusses while simultaneously helping you recognise and work on the negatives. By the end of the program you will have moved a step closer to achieving your work and personal goals.

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Workshop: Reactive behavior tends to be destructive, but it can be understood and changed. Emotional intelligence entails learning to convert destructive emotional reactions into constructive responses that build relationships and teamwork. Our emotional intelligence workshops create awareness and provide tools for breaking old patterns and learning new behaviors. Anyone can become more emotionally intelligent with the right training and practice.

Holistic Wellness Workshops

The Wellness Workshops are a series of 8 workshops - one on each dimension of wellness. These are deep-dive sessions that give you an indepth idea about the individual dimensions and have an detailed self-assessment of participants at the end of each session.

These workshops are ideally preceeded by a Wellness Orientation Workshop - that introduces participants to the concept of Mental Health & Wellness and how mastering these 8 different dimensions can help them alleviate their anxiety and stress and lead them to personal and professional growth and happiness!