Leading Change: Driving Gender Equality and Combatting Harassment.

We are committed to fostering safe and inclusive environments. Through insightful awareness workshops and thorough investigations, we empower organizations to create workplaces free from harassment.

Join us in cultivating a culture where dignity and respect are paramount, ensuring a harmonious and secure professional landscape for everyone.


Ms. Manju Bajaj is our lead Gender Advisor with almost ten years of unwavering commitment to advancing gender equality and combatting sexual harassment within workplaces. Throughout her extensive career, she has actively participated in numerous endeavors targeted at tackling gender-based disparities and striving to ensure a secure and respectful workplace atmosphere for all employees, with a particular focus on women.

Over the course of her career, she has immersed herself in initiatives aimed at eliminating gender-related inequalities, which has become a personal passion that drives her to create positive changes within organizations. Her work centers on advocating for gender equality, empowering women, and fostering a work environment that is free from any form of discrimination or harassment.

She works with various Organisations as a part of their Internal Complaints Committee as the External Member. She also conducts Awareness Workshops, and Complaint Addressal Investigations, amongst others.

We believe in the power of education and awareness to bring about positive change. Our work has allowed us to witness significant transformations in workplace cultures, where employees feel safer, more respected, and empowered.

Manju & her team are truly driven by the impact they can make in creating a more equitable and inclusive society, where gender-based discrimination is eradicated, and all individuals can thrive and reach their full potential.

Some of the activities that we undertake for organisations include the following:

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As a trusted member of the Internal Complaints Committees in several organizations, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the effective implementation of policies and procedures to address sexual harassment cases. She has been a part of numerous investigations, ensuring a fair and unbiased approach to resolve complaints and bring justice to the victims.

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She has had the privilege of conducting numerous Gender Sensitization and Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) workshops across organizations. From smaller groups of 25 to larger gatherings of over 300 employees, these workshops have been instrumental in raising awareness about gender-related issues and promoting a more inclusive and respectful work culture.

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With a comprehensive understanding of the legal and ethical aspects of sexual harassment, she provides advisory and consulting services to organizations. Her aim is to help them develop robust policies and mechanisms to prevent and effectively address instances of sexual harassment, creating a safer and healthier workplace environment.

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We actively conduct training sessions and capacity-building programs for employees and management teams to enhance their understanding of gender-related issues, diversity, and inclusion. These programs aim to sensitize the workforce towards creating a more equitable and respectful workplace culture.

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As a Gender Advisor, she actively contribute to the development, implementation, and review of organization-wide gender-sensitive policies. Her expertise ensures that policies related to diversity, harassment prevention, and gender inclusion are effective, up-to-date, and aligned with legal requirements.

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CREX collaborate with external organizations, NGOs, and government bodies working on gender-related issues and stay updated with the latest research and best practices, while also contributing insights to broader initiatives and policy discussions.

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Apart from addressing sexual harassment complaints, we also lead the development of employee support programs. These programs offer resources, counseling, and guidance for individuals facing workplace challenges, fostering a supportive environment for all employees.

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In addition to conducting workshops for employees, we also provide specialized training for HR personnel and ICC members. This ensures that they are well-equipped to handle cases of sexual harassment effectively and empathetically.

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We also facilitate establishing feedback mechanisms, such as employee surveys, to assess the effectiveness of gender-related initiatives and gather feedback from employees. This data-driven approach helps in refining strategies and addressing concerns proactively.

Recent Campaign on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act